How Car Drivers in California Can Reduce Truck Accidents

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Truck Accident Causes

As per statistics, of the almost 9 million Americans who do truck-related jobs, around 3.5 million are drivers. Those truckers are logging more than 288 billion miles yearly. This sheds lights on why trucks are always present on American highways and would help explain why truck accidents are common in California.

As per a 2009 FMCSA report, the 286,000 accidents countrywide that involve articulated trucks and other big rigs lead to 74,000 injuries. In 2010, California was ranked the US’s “second most dangerous state to drive in with 2,715 fatal traffic accidents.”

Big vehicles usually weigh as much as 30 times in excess of a car, so truck crashes involving passenger cars tend to result in severe injuries or demise. Those injured because of another person’s negligence may go after a lawsuit to win back compensation for their monetary and non-monetary damages.

When somebody dies in a truck accident, their close family members may suffer both emotionally and financially. The closest relatives of the victim may be eligible to file a wrongful death suit to try and recover compensation. Some of the damages which those with standing can win back are medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage.

A truck accident usually leaves behind devastation in its wake, so the trucking segment is regulated a lot by special safety laws, which are designed to reduce accidents. There are vehicle inspections, special licenses, and limitations on how far and long truckers can drive without rest breaks. The causes of truck accidents include human error, falling asleep, fatigue, distracted driving, disability because of a physical impairment, miscalculations and bad decision-making.

However, it is not just the duty of truckers to keep the highways safe. Motorcyclists and car drivers can contribute to reducing these accidents by taking the following steps.

  • Avoid the blind spot of a truck
  • Be cautious of the slow response time of a truck driver, and do not abruptly change lanes
  • Avoid tailgating, particularly when going uphill
  • Keep your automobile in good condition to prevent mechanical failures from happening when driving
  • Do not drive when distracted or fatigued, intoxicated or impaired.

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