Truck Lane Restrictions Existing in California

California Truck Accident Lawyer
Truck Accident Lawyer

California is a state that has special rules for trucks and other mass transit vehicles that impose some restrictions on them for promoting road safety. Encountering trucks when driving on a busy highway can be a stressful experience for the drivers of other smaller vehicles. Also, the difference in speed and size of these vehicles can often lead to accidents that can get fatal at times. Because of this, California has made special laws for restricting the lanes that can be used by trucks and other slow-moving vehicles in order to ensure a safer flow of traffic.

The violation of these rules can often lead to devastating accidents. A truck crash can result in some major injuries for the drivers of other smaller vehicles and also for the passengers as well as pedestrians. Hence, getting involved in such an accident will be a life-threatening experience. You will have to spend a lot of time and money in the hospital for recovering from the injuries from the accident. The accident can drain you physically, emotionally as well as financially.

Even though it is not possible to reduce the mental and physical torture you experienced because of the accident, it is possible to claim money for your damages. It will help you to get compensation for your losses resulted from the accident including your medical bills, loss of pay, pain and suffering, etc. You can consult a truck accident lawyer for filing a lawsuit in order to claim money for a truck accident.

California Truck Regulations

California has a huge number of trucks traveling through its busy highways most of the time. Hence, for keeping all motorists safe, this state has placed some restrictions for limiting the trucks from certain privileges that the drivers of other smaller vehicles enjoy.

These restrictions are applicable for large trucks with three or more axles, motor homes, u-hauls and any vehicles that are towing other vehicles. Such vehicles are not permitted to exceed the speed limit 55 miles/hour on high ways.

Lane Restrictions for Trucks

California also restricts the lanes in which these vehicles that are heavier and larger are allowed to travel. The significant difference in the speed and size of trucks and other vehicles can become a potential cause for accidents, especially, in a situation where vehicles are forced to stop or slow down suddenly.

Therefore, to avoid such situations, California does not allow heavy vehicles to use the lanes in highways that are typically reserved for smaller vehicles. They will have to travel through special lanes that are specifically reserved for them.

The lanes that the larger vehicles are allowed to use will depend on the total number of lanes in the highway. If there are only three or less lanes traveling in each direction, then the trucks should stick on to the far right lane. But if there are four or more lanes in the same direction, trucks are allowed to use two right-hand lanes. The laws in California also instruct the other slower moving vehicles to use the right lanes only, regardless of their size.

The Interstate 5, which is the busiest highway in California that connects Northern and Southern California, has special truck-only lanes that are particularly allowed only for the trucks to travel. This is the only truck-only lane in the country and this helps in stabilizing the flow of traffic and making the roads safer on this busy California highway.

Enforcement of Truck Laws in California

The California Highway Patrol is assigned with the duty of enforcing the lane restrictions for trucks on the many highways that are distributed throughout the state. When you are traveling through the California highways, you may notice police vehicles that are specifically designated for commercial vehicle enforcement. Larger vehicles that violate the rules and regulations regarding lane restrictions and speed will be ticketed and fined.

Speak with a Truck Accident Lawyer in California

If you get involved in a truck accident in California, it is important for you to know if there are any violations of truck laws involved. This will help you to prove the liability of the truck driver for the accident. It is better to consult a California truck accident lawyer for finding out the legal implications that will be helpful for your case.

It is better to consult the attorney as soon as possible, as there is a statute of limitations in California for such accidents. If you are not able to file the lawsuit within this time frame, you will not be entitled to get any compensation. Therefore, contacting a truck accident lawyer will help you to ensure that you can file the claim in the right time and for the right amount you deserve.

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