Can CBD Help Golf Related Injuries?


CBD has become a household name ever since countries all over the globe began making changes to their laws back at home. What started off as society’s evil, due to the manipulative false rumor and evidence-less bantering by the media, has now turned into a ray of hope that citizens are latching onto with their lives. It took far longer than it was supposed to, and CBD was made an unnecessary enemy of the state. It only made sense that the plethora of benefits that came about from consuming CBD would eventually shine through all of the cluttered mess and the large erect walls preventing it from going the other side. Those walls are down, and we are part of a generation that can truly dwell into CBD and enjoy its well-deserved sweet fruits. Not literally of course.

CBD has made its way into almost every activity irrespective of how strenuous or emotionally taxing it is. Do you feel overwhelmed and as though your head might explode into a hundred pieces with all of the office pressure? Then CBD is there to help. Do you feel the muscle cramps from the back workout session feel like a hundred searing hot knives stabbing into your back? Then CBD can lend a hand. Do you feel anxious just before your speed wall climbing event and would want to relax and not let the pressure get the better of your nerves? Then CBD can definitely help. The magic of this miracle drug is that anybody, anywhere in any situation in their day to day life can consume and make the best out of it, with the help of CBD

CBD has started to be used by athletes and sports professionals as a means to help them grow faster in their sport. It is also used for CBD leg injury, hip injuries, back pain, etc by various athletes and sportspersons. The extent of where, how, and in which all sports CBD can be used, is literally mind-numbing. To the point that you start to ask the question as to what sport exists that CBD cannot be used for. But our focus is solely on, how it can help make your golf game on point! Read along and you will be taken on a journey that will inform and teach you the magic of this miracle drug…

Unveiling The Hero: Cannabidiol

The unsung hero of this fairy tale is none other than the seemingly innocent and in-adequate looking bottle with a serum in it. Who would have thought that till two years back, this would have still been a distant dream, to be actually able to consume this herbal alternative let alone hold one before the Five-0 comes storming in from all sides, handcuff you and whisk you away? Pat yourself on the back; you’re part of the lucky generation that can enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Cannabidiol is not the only such substance you come up with when you squeeze out a marijuana plant or a hemp plant for that matter. There are hundreds of substances that you will find, banded together in what is called “cannabinoids”. The list of cannabinoids has some noteworthy names you may have heard prior such as THC, or even flavonoids among many others.

But many of the cannabinoids don’t put on a show quite like the way in which CBD does it. CBD is a therapeutic extraordinaire in contrast and helps you relax and dull out pain after those strenuous practice sessions. The best thing that sets CBD apart from the other cannabinoids is how it comes with none of the baggage…

You can freely take CBD, even 3 times the recommended (Not advised, though) dosage and you will feel absolutely no effects of intoxication. Not even a bit of light-headedness! The reason is that CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. You can take in a dose of CBD and be sharp, more than ever for your training.

The attached stigma to CBD has started to shake off. Since it is linked to marijuana, people and the masses are inclined to believe that it is exactly that of its parent plant; a narcotic drug. How far from the truth this actually is from, however. The experiences you run into when smoking up a joint or snacking on edibles is because of a substance in it called THC. The THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is famous for its strong sensations of psychosis which it incites on consumption. CBD products have traces of this THC for one special reason: to boost The Entourage effect.

Marijuana has up to 35% of this THC, while the legally approved hemp has only about 5%. This doesn’t mean the final CBD-derived hemp product has 5% of THC in it! The amount of THC must be limited to 0.3%, which helps boosts the properties of the other cannabinoids in the final CBD product.

CBD: Helping You Bring Out The Tiger Woods In You

The healing nature of CBD has made it into the fan-favorite amongst the masterclasses in the golfing fraternity. If you have watched the masters then you may have noticed the numerous times Phil Mickelson being seen using a dropper to squirt a few drops of the herbal tincture in his mouth. Although the ace player hasn’t yet spoken out about his CBD inclinations, we are definite that there is a bottle of CBD-derived hemp oil nesting in his golfing bag.

The buzz of how CBD can potentially bring about a new change in the game has been in the air, with PGA and championship players coming out to support CBD through various press interviews and tweets.

If you are a golfer who is starting off or someone who already has their footing in the sport, you will agree when said that the mental concentration and physical strain on a pro golfer sometimes get the better of them. The game is quite much like a large pool table, but with the elevation and the climate to beat you down, it makes it unpredictable. The focus and calm mind that you must subject you towards are paramount to making it past the competition.

Why Are The Pros Taking CBD?

What more proof do you want than the No.1 ranked player of the PGA championships tour, Scott McCarron saying “Functional Remedies EndoSport hemp oil helps my mind stay focused and my body recover, so I can always play my best.”

There are many other stellar golfers that have vouched for the advantage of including CBD into their regiments such as Tom Kite, Kenny Perry, and David Toms. The class acts of the game such as Lucas Glover, Bubba Watson, and Charley Hoffman are some other big names who have taken the name of CBD to be the reason for them uncovering their full potential.

But the same way in which they were convinced, we shall convince you as well as to how and why CBD will change the way you swing your club!

  • Sleep

Ask any athlete and they will tell you resting and sleep is number one, followed by a good training schedule and performance inductive healthy diet! Sleep is when your body is in a state of uninterrupted recovery; this is the time when it heals your aching muscles, repairs the torn fibers, and re-energize your body and soul, ready to take on the challenges on the field the next day. CBD is helpful for anyone who has insomnia, chronic pain, or anxiety and because of which they are unable to get the much-needed rest that their body craves.

  • Anxiety

CBD can reduce the blood pressure and it is researched and proven to produce a calming effect. You can pop in a CBD derived hemp pill or even squirt in a bit of the CBD oil under your tongue to take the edge off the competition jitters.

  • Reduce Pain And Control Inflammation

One of the USPs of CBD is the ability for it to control pain and act as an anti-inflammatory. It helps numb out the pain receptors at the site of pain, allowing for a much faster post-round recovery. You can simply apply a generous amount of the CBD lotion or cream at the joint and allow the goodness to act into your system.

  • Gives You Nerves Of Steel

You need to be immensely relaxed when taking a shot, to make sure that it goes in. CBD helps you relax as it is a strong relaxant. The reduced stress and promoted concentration allow you to be in the game at all times!

  • Muscle Tension

The 18-hole round will take you upwards of 5 hours. Now, this is a bit of time that causes a considerable strain on the body when done on a daily basis. CBD will help in preventing further cellular damage and will also make sure that the stress that your muscles take up are within limits. The last thing you want in the heat of the competition is to get a cramp due to a build-up of lactic acid. Your muscles will loosen up and so will your joints too.

  • Cut Out The Calluses

As a golfer, you need your hands to be stuffed in gloves for countless hours, not to mention the shoes that you subject your feet to. It can really hurt if you have a shoe bite, or the skin on your palms harden as a result of constant rubbing on the insides of your gloves. Rubbing just a tad bit of CBD, leg injuries and calluses will smoothen out, and the result is the skin will heal must faster than anticipated before.

The avenues that you are opened to once you invite CBD into your lives are countless. Try and see for yourself, how you can bring in you’re A-game on the course next time

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