A Helpful Guide to California Truck Accident Law

Truck Accident Law
Truck accident law
Truck Accident Attorney

California boasts the second position when it comes to the number of roadway miles in the United States. Clearly, California is one amongst the top American states to hold a fair share of traffic. Plus, the state is a prominent gateway for international trades since California is close to the Pacific Ocean as well as two neighboring countries. Hence, you can expect thousands of trucks running on the Californian roadways every day. In other words, the chance of truck accidents in the city is more, especially with a heavy load on the vehicles. Unlike car and motorcycle accidents, truck accidents can often get disastrous and life-threatening. Hence, the California truck accident law is a bit complex when compared to other road accident laws. Furthermore, it is important for the commuters to know thoroughly about the California truck accident law irrespective of whether you are a victim or guilty.

Things to do After a Truck Accident

  • First of all, do not leave the scene after a truck accident. Then, call 911 in case of any injuries. After all, the safety of the people involved in the accident must be your prime objective.
  • Call the law enforcement so that they can visit the accident scene at the earliest and start documenting things. Note that it is recommended for you to collect as many pieces of evidence as possible such as photos of vehicles, accident scene, etc., from the accident spot in order to favor your side during the documenting process. This will help you to obtain decent insurance compensation deals as well.
  • Usually, the employer of the truck driver or the agencies that support the driver will be held responsible for the accident along with him. Hence, the truck drivers are requested to get prepared for detailed police verification.
  • Get information from the people involved in the accident such as their name, address, insurance information, etc. In case you are collecting information from a commercial truck driver, verifying his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) is crucial.
  • Gather contact information of the witnesses as well since they can illustrate the road accident better and will be helpful to favor your case if you are going for an insurance claim.
  • According to truck accident laws in California, both parties involved in the accident are expected to submit a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) report within ten days under certain conditions. The conditions include a severe injury or death of a party, damages that exceed $1000, etc. The report has to be sent to the DMV. Note that if you are not in a condition to submit the report, your truck accident attorney or insurance agent as well can do the task on your behalf.
  • Irrespective of whether you are the truck driver, passenger, or the passenger vehicle driver, it is always a good idea to consult a credible truck accident attorney. This will let you determine your damages, responsibilities, and other potential options you have.

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