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Tanker Truck Accidents

Tanker trucks usually carry hazardous goods, and hence, accidents involving them usually turn out to be catastrophic. The tanker trucks are usually used to transport liquids and gases. In case you meet with an accident with a tanker truck, you need to seek the help of an experienced truck accident attorney who has previous experience in dealing with such vehicle accidents.

Causes of Accidents Involving Tanker Trucks

There are different types of tanker truck accidents that happen on the roads. There are those accidents, which happen because of the negligent driving of the vehicle. Then there are those tanker truck accidents, which happen due to driving in adverse climatic conditions. Sometimes the road conditions may be very poor, leading to accidents of the tanker truck. The risk of accidents to happen is more for a tanker truck than semi-truck carrying solid goods. The center of gravity in a tanker truck is more than that of a semi-truck. If the tanker is carrying liquid cargo, the odds of an accident can be more.

Poor maintenance of the tanker can also cause accidents on the road. It is very important to have proper inspection and maintenance of the tanker at regular intervals to ensure that it is safe to travel. If the trucking company or the driver is negligent in maintaining the vehicle properly, it can lead to accidents.

There are tankers of different types and capacities. Each of the tankers is designed to carry specific cargo and must be used accordingly. Some are designed to carry water and some others to carry gasoline liquid. There are some tankers which are divided into compartments to carry different materials at the same time. If the tankers are used in the wrong way to reduce the expense, it may become a cause for accidents.

Effects of Tanker Truck Accidents

The effect of tanker truck accidents can be detrimental because the tanker if it is carrying a flammable liquid or gas, can cause a fire on collision. This may go out of control and lead to the death of the people involved in the crash. There can be severe burns and injuries that result from such a crash. The inhalation of hazardous smoke can cause respiratory problems. Some chemicals may get absorbed on the skin and may turn out to be very dangerous. They may also cause burns in eyes and other body parts, which are exposed to the fire.

If you have suffered injuries in a tanker truck accident, seek the help of a truck accident attorney to know the possibilities of recovery available for you.

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