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There are strict rules concerning the hours during which a commercial truck driver is allowed to work.  The drivers and the trucking company are supposed to follow these guidelines and rules strictly or else they will be held accountable for the violation of the same.

Usually, commercial trucks carry very heavy loads. If such a truck gets into an accident, the result can be very tragic. The heavy weight of the vehicle along with the load can increase the impact of the accident terribly. It is for this reason that the hours of service regulations are put upon the commercial truck drivers.

There are both federal and state regulations concerning the hours of service of a commercial truck driver. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has very clearly stated the terms and conditions on which the truck driver should work. Also, the state laws exist which puts a check on the actions of the driver and the trucking company.

As per the federal regulations, the truck driver is not allowed to drive beyond a time limit of 11 hours in a day. Also, he is required to take a break of 10 hours continuously, after his work time. Moreover, after the 10-hour break, when the driver is back on his duty, he cannot drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour.  There are many more specific rules regarding the service and duty hours of the commercial truck driver, which he must abide by.

If the truck driver or the trucking company breaches any of the rules or regulations as stipulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and eventually it results in a truck crash, this breach of the law can be used to claim against the truck and the trucking company. The negligence of the driver and the company must be proved to make the claim valid.

People who become victims of the truck accident usually suffer much damage. Many of the truck crashes might lead to the death of one or more of the people involved in the accident. In most of the cases, the truck crash will result in fatal physical injuries, which will further lead to other economic and non-economic damages. There will be a loss of income because of non-attendance at work. There will be huge medical bills to pay and the victim will also have to go through the mental shock and trauma, which can be long-lasting.

If you or your loved one has faced a truck crash and is unsure of the legalities involved in the claim, you can seek the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer for the same.

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