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As per the ASIA (American Spinal Cord Injury Association), automobile accidents cause nearly 50% of these injuries. Several such accidents involve big trucks. So undoubtedly, being hurt in it could result in severe injuries, the worst of which are to the spinal cord. The reason is obvious: in many cases, when one’s spinal cord gets damaged, no repairs are available. Medical technology is yet to reach a stage where it could fix several such injuries. For this reason, the consequences tend to be permanent.

Those Injured In the Truck Accident Merit Compensation

In the event your family member is hurt in this accident, you might have a right to compensation for numerous damages. These could include every lifestyle change you have to make, your previous and potential medical expenses, long-term rehab costs, and the costs of adaptive tools which may be required. The lost wages, for which your family member or you are due, could also be covered by the compensation.

Significant Repercussions of the Injuries

Some potentially severe consequences accompany injuries to the spinal cord. Unsurprisingly, the damaged spinal part will dictate the extent of injury that will have an effect on the remaining body parts. Even so, a rather minor spinal cord injury can also have life-altering consequences, including the following.

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Loss of both motor function and physical sensation
  • Paralysis
  • Respiratory issues
  • Overactivity of the victim’s nervous system
  • Demise

The above-mentioned injuries can necessitate long-term medical care, involving adaptive tools such as a wheelchair. Changes to both the care and home may be required too, which can cause the monetary losses to go up. If your loved one sustained one such injury because of a truck collision, you should contact a law office or attorney immediately.

It can occur due to several reasons, and depending upon the particular situation that you deal with, multiple parties may be at fault for your injuries. For instance, the driver of the truck may be guilty, but in the event there was an issue with its brakes, the trucking company/his or her employer, and the brake’s manufacturer and retailer could be held liable too.

For commoners like you, it can be difficult to navigate the minute details of truck accident cases. Thankfully, experienced and skilled lawyers are available to fight for your rights in court.

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