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Not so long ago, five individuals lost their lives in an accident on the highway adjacent to Rialto. It happened at 01:00 pm as a commercial truck came into contact with the guardrail, causing the vehicle to crash. The big rig burst into flame and then hit approaching traffic. As it is the case with several comparable cases, the driver of the truck only had minor injuries, yet those in other autos sustained severe ones and some of them passed away.

Every case-related fact is yet to be discovered, but it is obvious that somebody was guilty. Every California truck accident lawyer should be knowledgeable when it comes to finding liability and holding those at-fault responsible. Keep reading to know 6 pieces of information, which always have to be discovered, and after that, contact a truck wreck lawyer office for a consultation.

Several causes can be there for such an accident. It could be that the truck’s driver was fatigued or just made an error in judgment. The vehicle might just have had mechanical problems or problems with regards to weight, or the load of it may not have been even. The police will likely look into the matter before anyone else does. Some of the things which the police will likely perform are taking measurements and photos, and discussing the matter with witnesses.

Before the victim and an injury lawyer start to work together, the investigation stage may appear to be all but over. At least, this is the general perception of this matter, but it is seldom the case. A truck accident which led to the catastrophic injury or demise will have several documents. Every personal injury claim should use the ones mentioned below.

  • Papers concerning the cargo inside the rig when the collision happened;
  • Every logbook for the truck’s driver;
  • Every document that helps identify the said cargo’s weight;
  • Documents showing the employment relationship between the owner and driver of the truck;
  • Every document concerning the truck maintenance for the 12 months before this mishap;
  • Every ownership document for this vehicle.

A lawyer will not require all these documents, but these are the fundamental ones to be used in the further investigation of the case. When required, lawyers can do further interviews, and work with expert witnesses.

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