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Fuel trucks and oil trucks are usually known as tank trucks, tankers, or tanker trucks in the trucking business. These normally convey loads in gas and liquid form all over the nation. These giant trucks can pull everything from water and milk that children drink, to the oil and fuel that runs the world. They also carry the dangerous chemical loads that our homes require to work properly.

In case something unexpected happens, these giant vehicles could cause some of the most devastating accidents. Due to their sheer size and momentum, they usually result in life-threatening injuries and damages to victims. It is recommended to contact a truck accident lawyer in the event of such an accident. Below is a discussion on the various aspects involved in a trailer truck accident.

Definition of a Tanker Truck

Tanker trucks are found in different forms. Their most common purpose is to haul fluid, gas, and filling dry goods like manure, sand, grains, or salt. They usually have a round and hollow tank built with a flatbed. These trucks can be grouped into small, medium, or huge size commercial vehicles. This grouping is based on the weight of the load they convey.

A section of tankers will have facilities for refrigeration, pressurization, and separated compartments meant to protect the load from moving and getting unstable due to excessive movement.

Load Carrying Capacity of Tanker Trucks

The normal 4-wheel traveler vehicle used by most people can carry between 12 to 16 gallons of liquid fuel. Tanker trucks are very dangerous considering the high volumes of load they carry.

Small Tanker Trucks – generally a straight truck or small casing truck with a linked liquid container can take loads of up to 1,000 gallons.

Medium Tanker Trucks – they are also included as a compartment connected to the primary body of a truck (instead of a trailer hitch). They can generally carry a payload up to 4,000 gallons.

Large Tanker Trucks – These are the gigantic 18-wheeler tractor-trailer vehicle which is sometimes known as a big rig. They can convey a load of 11,600 gallons. They come with multiple trailer hitches coming to 100 feet long.

Common Tanker Truck Accidents

It’s frequently the size of these trucks that make a mishap with a tanker truck highly destructive.

Longer stopping duration for these huge vehicles is also one of the top factors that add to tanker truck accidents. According to experts, an eighteen-wheeler tanker truck may take 40% more time to stop than a normal vehicle.

In any case, the most well-known reason for tank truck mishaps is driver carelessness.

Carelessness: an Issue for Los Angeles Tanker Truck Drivers

In California, accidents with semi-trucks (such as those utilized by enormous tankers) lead to the death of a greater number of people than in any other US state. These tanker drivers have to undergo special training and should always carry required certificates ensuring that they are trained to drive double and triple trailer trucks and carry a payload that contains dangerous substances. These truck drivers have a bigger responsibility and owe a higher standard of safety and care to those traveling on the road with them.

If a truck driver fails to comply with the most basic legal standards and causes an accident, they would generally have violated laws. Neglecting to follow rules and causing a mishap with injuries fall under the legal definition of carelessness.

The most regular acts of carelessness we see against tanker truck drivers and the organizations they work are given below:

  • Speeding and Reckless driving, including the close following of the vehicle in front
  • Messaging and driving and different types of occupied driving
  • Upkeep issues neglected or overlooked
  • Neglecting to perform normal and basic vehicle maintenance
  • Exhausted driving – Not getting enough rest and continuing to drive
  • Driving Intoxicated on medications or liquor (DUI)
  • Thoughtless driving in poor climate and street conditions
  • Other accidental driving-related acts that caused damage
  • Inaccurate stacking or arranging of load

Legal Steps That Follow a Truck Accident

Drafting and Sending Your Letter of Representation – This is the first move to inform the trucking organizations that you have a dispute and a case of bad behavior to report. Besides, you also inform them that you currently have an experienced tanker truck accident lawyer who will guide you in these legal issues.

Recording Your Legal Complaint – The “protest” is the first report that starts your case. The 18 wheeler accident lawyer will usually present this to the court agent. When the opposing party receives it, they realize that you are in for a legal battle. The complaint will clarify the proof in hand and the nature and degree of your wounds. Further, it will claim that the truck and their organization are responsible. Later, they will state your demands for justice and compensation.

Keep the above factors in mind if you are involved in a truck trailer crash.

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