Truck Accidents and Their Most Common Causes

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Truck Accident Causes

Road accidents involved with trucks is said to be grouped under the most complex of all, concerned with the enormity that had happened. Such truck accidents have almost added up to a greater extent over the last decade based on the studies of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Compared with all other motor accidents, these accidents cause harm most preferably to the passenger vehicles.

Careless Driving

Before making any turns, the students of truck driving schools are made to learn to check frequently the blind spots and similar places. Around 15% of the accidents taking place in the roads are occurring due to the negligence of drivers in such a situation. Distracted driving, changing lanes without giving signals, and other illegal driving ways constitute to other major causes of truck accidents.

Unscientific Loading Methods

An improperly loaded truck can create real havoc with fatal catastrophe, concerning the enormity of the loads. Even if the truck that you are driving is properly tucked, such an incident may happen if any truck on road is loaded incorrectly. If the contents of the cargo are disproportionally distributed, it can make really harder for the driver to control the vehicle leading to jack-knifing.

Consequences of Driver Fatigue

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in a recent survey, had found out that the prime cause of around 13% of the truck accidents is the driver fatigue. Many of the drivers sacrifice their sleep so as to finish off a route, as they are getting paid on the basis of the distance they had covered till then. Although the time duration of truck drivers on the roads per day are limited according to the federal road regulation, they are not obeyed regularly. Such gruesome actions are a real threat to others driving on the roads.

The Use of Drugs

The findings of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that the most common cause of truck accidents is the use of drugs, which constitutes both prescription and illegal. Around one of every four such truck accidents occurring is due to drug use. The reaction time of the drivers was affected by these over-the-counter medications.

Lack of Experience

With the motive of making more profit, the truck companies hire newly licensed drivers or those with limited training, so that they don’t have to be paid much. Their inexperience in truck driving really makes the roads more prone to accidents.

Need for a Truck Accident Lawyer

The expenses to recover from any truck accident will be quite an expensive task. You have to rely on the insurance company for the claiming purposes. Insurance companies may trick you with a lower amount for claims if you have not contacted an attorney for seeking legal help.

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