An Overview of Truck Crashes in Southern, Central, and Northern California

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California witnesses a large number of truck and trailer accidents every year, because of the high trade profile and the high number of trucks running through the city. It is estimated that around 276 fatal truck crashes happen on the Californian roads every year. There are some trucking companies, which do not give much importance to safety. They do not follow the rules and regulations of trucking and do not maintain the vehicles properly. This adds to the number of truck crashes happening in the city.

Truck Crashes in Southern California

Within California, the majority of truck crashes occurs in the Southern California region. The Los Angeles Metropolitan region in Southern California is the second largest of this kind in the entire country. There are six counties in this area with a population of more than 16 million people. The highways in the city are very hectic all the time and are prone to truck and trailer accidents. There is a large container port situated here along with many other regional distribution centers.

The border that it shares with Mexico makes it an important portal for international trade. The California Truck Accident Statistics say that around 113 fatal truck accidents occur in Southern California every year.

Truck Crashes in Central California

The commercial truck traffic in the central part of California is also very high because it is the center of livestock cultivation and agriculture in the state. Fresno and Bakersfield are the cities, which are busier in transporting goods using trucks. Two of the most dangerous routes namely- Interstate 5 and Highway 99 pass through the Central Valley. This increases the number of truck crashes that happen in this area.

Truck Crashes in Northern California

Comparatively, Northern California witnesses less number of truck accidents than the Southern and the Central parts of California. However, there are some parts of the area that are considered dangerous because of the large number of trucks passing through the roads here. Interstate 80, the highway passing through this area is considered very dangerous. The Bay Area and the greater Sacramento area of the region face huge truck traffic every day.

If you or your loved one has suffered damages in a truck accident in California, it will be in your best interest to seek the help of a truck accident lawyer, who can represent you in the court. He can assure you that you get the appropriate compensation for the damages you suffered in the accident.

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