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The CHP (California Highway Patrol) is dedicated to inspect and test every commercial vehicle passing on the roadways in the golden state. Usually, this inspection is carried out at ‘Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities’, which are often referred to as truck stops, truck scales, weigh stations, etc. Sometimes, the authorities tend to inspect the commercial vehicles at other locations as well designated by California Highway Patrol. A commercial truck driver is obliged to stop the vehicle and cooperate to inspection whenever the vehicle inspection sign is displayed.

If you are wondering about what a commercial vehicle is, it is defined as “the vehicle that is used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property”. Even though almost every vehicle including a pickup or a car can be included in this category based on its primary use, truck and buses are commonly considered as commercial vehicles.

Additionally, since commercial vehicles are defined as the ones that are ‘designed’ to transport property, the vehicles such as tractor-trailers, tow trucks, etc., as well can be considered as commercial vehicles irrespective of their primary use. Another important factor that you must consider in order to determine whether or not your vehicle is commercial is its weight. Hence, it is always important to weigh your automobile.

The Purpose of California Weigh Stations

There are many Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities throughout the California roadways. Plus, you can see several mini weigh stations as well at every nook and cranny of the city. Hence, every truck passing through California will be inspected for sure at one or another point of time. Note that more than 4000 people lost their lives because of the injuries sustained in truck accidents. Even though one can hire the services of a credible truck accident attorney and get compensated for their financial obligations, nothing can ever compensate for their permanent and irreparable loss.

It is reported that an average of 300 fatal truck accidents occurs in California annually. Sadly, the drivers and passengers riding small vehicles are likely to die or suffer catastrophic injuries in such accidents. By enforcing the safety laws on these giant vehicles, it is expected to decrease these fatality rates. In short, the purpose of CHF is to secure and serve almost every person of California. Apart from the drivers and vehicles, the owner of the truck or trucking companies as well is subjected to submit to inspections. If you are still skeptic about the same, you may consult a truck accident lawyer for more details.

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