Tips for Driving Safely around Trucks

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Safe Driving Tips

Because driving around trucks transporting goods can be dangerous, you have to take extra precautions at all times. The risk of a collision increases with commercial trucks as these automobiles cannot maneuver easily, have bigger blind spots, and take more time to stop than passenger vehicles.

Avoid Blind Spots

The blind-spot areas of large trucks and other big vehicles are larger than standard passenger autos. Avoid driving in the blind spot of a truck at all times. Move ahead of it or slow down your vehicle so the driver of the truck can spot you in the side-view mirror.

Commercial trucks have bigger mirrors compared to passenger vehicles which can also be affected by other autos’ bright headlights. While you tail a truck, dim your vehicle’s lights to a normal low-beam setting when you approach it to avoid blinding the truck driver through their mirrors.

Practice Safe Passing

Careful passing is more important adjacent to a commercial truck, as the large and heavy vehicle cannot be stopped as fast as a passenger auto. Truck drivers require time to react, adjust the speed and apply the brake accordingly.

While passing a big truck, approach from only the left side, as it is more easy for its driver to spot your vehicle. Maintain a consistent speed when passing, and signal in advance and clearly. Prior to merging into the lane that lies before the truck, ensure that you can spot it in your vehicle’s rearview mirror to make sure a safe distance.

If a truck goes past your vehicle, then slow down to allow a lot of room in front of your car for the truck driver to maneuver efficiently and safely.

Allow More Time

While changing lanes or turning near a goods-carrying truck, set off your vehicle’s signal earlier to provide the driver of that truck more time to react to your anticipated maneuver and slow down when required.

When merging, do not move into the lane before a big truck if oncoming traffic could either slow down or come to a halt in an abrupt manner. Trucks take more time to slow down as said, and an abrupt lane change might just not provide the driver with sufficient time to avoid colliding into your vehicle’s bumper.

Avoid Driving Under the Influence

Drugs and alcohol impair not just your reaction time, but also your judgment when driving. Even prescription or over-the-counter medications can bring about side effects which make driving dangerous. So do not drive when you have consumed these substances.

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