Who is Responsible in a California Truck Accident?

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Truck Accident Law

Have you been through a traumatic semi-truck accident, caused by someone else’s negligence? If the answer to this question is a YES, then you might just be eligible to get compensation for damages caused. In accidents that involve semi-trucks, multiple parties could be responsible for your injuries.

Who in California Should You Sue?

California is not a no-fault state in the US. The at-fault party is liable to pay the compensation for damages, which result from an accident. Four main people or entities could be parties to an accident injury lawsuit. In deciding which parties to sue, an experienced truck accident lawyer makes it a point to include the right parties in the lawsuit.

  • The Truck Driver: Of course, the first liable party one tends to think about is the truck’s driver. If the driver was negligent in following regulations or operating the truck, then he or she can be sued.
  • Repair Company: Thanks to the nature of wear and tear and amount of miles a semi-truck goes through all through its useful life, it often undergoes extensive maintenance. If a company, which was used for general truck maintenance, was negligent in its repairs, then it may be held responsible for an accident in California. To sue, the accident that led to your injuries must have been due to improper truck maintenance.
  • The Government: Even the US state which failed to maintain the roads, which led to dangerous conditions for driving, can be held liable. This basically means you can sue the government, much like in the case of a slip and fall accident claim where a government property sidewalk’s poor condition led to the incident.

Just because it is possible to sue many parties, it does not mean all potential parties to your accident lawsuit should be made one. Another main determination, apart from fault, is concerning the insurance which a party may carry. It will be better to sue one with a larger insurance policy for an accident that has great amounts of damages.

Contact Experienced Lawyers

If you have been a victim of an accident, then choose a lawyer who is committed to providing excellent service. Experienced truck accident attorneys in California strive to give top-of-the-line representation to guide clients through the litigation process. Lawyers providing relevant and accurate legal advice will best serve you.

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