Truck Accident Attorney

Mistakes To Avoid That Could Reduce Your Claim After A Truck Accident

Truck Accident Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents involving two passenger vehicles and accidents involving a commercial truck are entirely different. The injury the victim sustains in a truck accident tends to be more severe. In such cases, the victim can file for a personal injury claim. But the insurance company of the truck driver may fight harder not to pay legitimate compensation for the victim. So it is important to file the personal injury claim without making any mistakes.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, you deserve fair and full compensation for your injuries. To ensure that you must avoid some common mistakes other accident victims usually make that will possibly reduce their compensation.

Police Report

If you do not report the truck accident to the police, it would be a big mistake. Filing a police report is evidence that the accident did happen. Or otherwise, the insurance adjuster will argue that the accident did not happen. Also, the police report contains valuable information like contact information, witness statements and official conclusions on the crash.

Medical Attention

If you fail to obtain medical care, it will give the insurance company an argument that you were not hurt in the accident or injuries were not that severe. This could reduce the amount of compensation. Therefore, you should obtain prompt medical care even if you don’t have any severe injuries.

Failing To Collect Evidence

It is very important to collect evidence regarding the accident right after it happens. Failing to produce proper evidence will reduce the strength of your claim. Take the pictures and videos of the accident scene, the truck, your injuries, and the damaged vehicle. If possible, locate one or two eye-witnesses and record their statements.

Not Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer

Most people think that they won’t need a lawyer’s assistance in filing an injury claim. But truck accident laws and insurance company proceedings are very complicated and it is very confusing for a normal person. Truck accident attorneys at Davidovich law will guide through every step and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Failing To Send Spoliation Letter

Sending the truck company a spoliation letter is an important step in your personal injury claim.  The letter will advise the company about your claim and what evidence should they preserve after the accident. A truck accident attorney can help you in drafting the letter. If you don’t send a spoliation letter, it will help the company to destroy vital evidence that could have proved the negligence of the truck driver or the company.

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