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Factors Determining A Truck Accident Settlement Amount

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Truck Wreck Lawyer
Truck Wreck Lawyer

A collision between a truck and a small vehicle will cause severe injuries to the driver of the small vehicle. It can also lead to the destruction of the vehicle and will lead to a lot of money loss. Therefore, it is necessary to file a lawsuit against the truck driver and the consignment company to get appropriate compensation. Since it is a complex case it is better to appoint a truck accident lawyer to represent the case. Before filing a case, the plaintiff must have an overview of the procedures and also about the settlement amount. There are a lot of factors that determine the settlement amount of an accident lawsuit and some of them are as follows.

Damage To Property

Collision with a truck can lead to the complete destruction of the smaller vehicle. Or else, it creates a lot of damages to the same. In most cases, the repair cost may be more than its fair market value. In that situation, the insurance companies will not pay the required amount. Therefore, it can be redeemed from the accused. If the vehicle is repairable, the plaintiff can demand the repair cost or else an estimated market value of the vehicle.

Medical Expenses

A truck accident can cause many severe injuries to a person that will cause a huge medical expense. For a truck accident lawsuit, the plaintiff can demand all the expenses incurred for recovering from the condition including emergency services, surgery, physical therapy, hospitalization, medicines, etc., and also the expected expense for future treatment. He or she can also include the travel expenses incurred for visiting the doctor on the list.

Loss Of Income

An accident will restrict a person to work for a few days due to the injuries or due to appointments at the hospital. The plaintiff can demand the accused to pay the amount that is lost for not being able to work due to the accident. If a person is fully restricted to return to work, then he or she can claim an amount equal to their estimated future earning capacity.

Not only the factors mentioned above, but a person can also claim an amount for the pain and suffering experienced due to the accident. In California, a good truck wreck lawyer can calculate an estimated amount for settlement and can help in getting it from the accused. But the plaintiff must make sure to file the lawsuit within the limited time prescribed by law.

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