When Can a Truck Driver Be Liable for an Accident?

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While the commercial trucks are on the roads, they possess a real threat to other motorists by staying as a barrier to their visibility. Eventually, these issues end up in a massive truck and other motorist crash. A crucial concern in case of truck accidents is to find the one who made the mistake which eventually lead to an accident.

In any random accidents, the absolute fault lies with one among the drivers if you are driving a car and got into a crash with another car. However, that will not be the case in a truck accident or those involved with any commercial vehicle. Here, either the driver or the truck company can be liable for the accident. Below mentioned are some situations in which the driver of the truck is liable for the accident.

Purposeful Collision

Hardworking and committed drivers are the ones who are mostly hired by trucking companies. Unfortunately, these drivers will sometimes collide into another motorist on the road quite intentionally. Even the truck drivers cannot be blamed for the long trips they had to be covered resulting in grave fatigue. Moreover, it can be really frustrating to manage other careless drivers on the road. Nonetheless, these frustrations would lead to road rage at some point in time, making the driver crash into another motorist purposefully. These gruesome actions are obviously held liable to the driver.

The truck driver also as an Independent Contractor     

Commercial auto insurance, employee benefits and paying own gas requirements are looked upon by the drivers alone in most of the cases. However, third parties for trucks, equipment, and drivers are used by some truck companies. An independent contractor can be held liable for the accident when they are found to be at fault. Moreover, the responsibility of the trucking company in contract with the driver to be liable will not be that grave.

Felt as a leisure time

By following the route given by their employer, the commercial motor vehicle driver will be wholly engaged in their job. This idea of taking a break from their job will turn out to be really fatal, as far the job of a commercial truck driver is concerned. The driver may speed up in cases due to frustrations and end in a collision. Such actions could land the whole liability solely on the truck driver.

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