Common Types of Semi-Truck Crashes

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck crashes are some of the nastiest accidents that could occur on the roads. The high momentum carried by the trailers mean that the damage caused to those involved could be substantial. It is better to access the help of a truck accident lawyer in such an event. Different types of semi-truck crashes occur on the roads of California. Below is a discussion on the types of such crashes found among semi-trucks.

Lane Change Accidents Due to Blind Spots

As some may attribute it to bad luck, truckers should depend on their side mirrors if they want to know about the distance and existence of other vehicles on the left or the right side of their vehicle. There are often blind spots which prevent visibility levels. This makes the lane-shift an unsafe business. If there are other vehicles located on either side, there could be a collision or a chain reaction causing intensive damage to the vehicles and people involved


Jackknife occurs when the rear end of the trailer swings out of control unexpectedly and out of sync from the forward tractor. This is usually caused by a sudden use of the brake. In most cases, the drivers would be able to gain control of the situation. However, if they are not able to control it, the rig slips completely out of control causing a huge amount of damage to the surrounding vehicles or anything in their path.

Underride Collisions

This usually takes place when another motor vehicle ends up underneath the trailer of the truck. Based on the speed of the two vehicles involved in the incident, and the reaction time for the rig operators, there could be huge injuries to those inside the vehicle behind. The trailer could shear off the windshield or the top part of the vehicle underneath and cause major losses.

Truck Rollovers

Due to the immense size of the trucks and several other factors like unsafe speeds, unsafe speeds, and quick braking, the truck could flip over to one side out of control. This generates a risky chance of collision during the rollover and from the oncoming traffic.

Tire Blowouts

Semi-trucks are called 18 wheelers because of as many wheels present in them. There is a chance that anyone of them could blow out, leading to mishaps.

Above are a few types of semi-truck crashes that could occur while on the road.

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